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Kardinal-Albrecht fountain

We are now on the Hallmarkt. Halle has 3 market squares, but more about this in the guided tour...

At the beginning of the 90th the square was not that nice. Most of the time it was just a parking lot. Today no cars are left, just some buses are leaving from here.

While changing the appearance of the square, the Kardinal-Albrecht fountain was built as well. Actually the fountain was already done during GDR, however no money was left to install it on the square. The fountain was designed by Bernd Göbel, a well known artist of Halle. The fountain is showing different episodes of the city history like the stories about cardinal Albrecht.

For all of you now asking where to put your car: Many parking garages were built in the meantime and you can also reach almost every place in Halle by public transport.

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