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Fountain of the donkey at the old market

At the end I want to show the Eselsbrunnen on the Alten Markt. It might seem a little bit strange to have a fountain for a guy and his donkey, but of course there is a story about it.

Once upon a time the people were waiting for emperor Otto to visit the city. Therefore the citizens had decorated the streets between market square and Rannischen Tor (a town gate) with roses, because the people were expecting the emperor from this direction. However, because of a flooding the emperor had to take another town gate. The only one walking over the roses was a guy working for the miller in Bölberg. He thought the streets were decorated for him, which raised a big laugh by the waiting people.

The market square of this time is today the Alten Markt and there you can see the guy and his donkey.

By the way, just nearby is the Beatles museum!


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