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Wall painting made by Hans-Joachim Triebsch

In the Große Klausstreet one can find this impressive wall painting. It is located between central market square, Hallmarkt and cathedral. The painting was done by Hans-Joachim Triebsch in 1988 and renovated by him in 2002.

The painting is about politics as you can easily see. Karl Marx is walking next to Georg Friedrich Händel and Mickey Mouse. All people are walking in one direction, but not together, everybody is walking on his own. However, there is one guy stilting in the other direction. This guy is symbolising the USA. High above the crowd is an artist walking on a small wire, but nobody is noticing him. Symbols of today's consumption oriented world like Coca Cola and Donald Duck partly hide the slogan of the French revolution.

There are many other things to discover in the painting. A professional guided tour might be able to show you even more details.

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